BitStash is a Decentralized Open Peer to Peer Marketplace. Complete purchases with confidence, every transaction is placed into a secure smart contract escrow until delivery has been verified. If you don’t receive the product, you will be returned your STASH Tokens.

How it Works

Zero Buyer Fees

As a buyer on the BitStash Marketplace you can enjoy zero fees at checkout. This includes any taxes as well.
How it Works

Powerful Search Engine

The BitStash Marketplace is ready for more than 1,000,000 + products for you to browse and search at your leisure.
How it Works

24/7 Buyer Support

We offer 24/7 customer service via the BitStash Marketplace Telegram community. Admins can assist you further.


Quickly find products you want, complete checkout and receive the item

How it Works

Acquire STASH Tokens

STASH Tokens are listed on various exchanges. Simply get some STASH and transfer it to your Meta Mask wallet or ERC-20 Compatible wallet. View Available Exchanges here.
How it Works

Browse The BitStash Marketplace

Search for products, and place in cart to checkout. To complete checkout the fastest method is with Meta Mask. You will be able to simply sign the transaction and deposit the STASH Tokens into our secure escrow system.
How it Works

Order Ships After Successful Checkout

After you have completed the checkout process successfully and payment is no longer pending, the Vendor will receive your order notification. At this time they will start to prepare shipment and provide you with a tracking number for your order.
How it Works

Mark Order as Received & Compete Order

After you have received the item simply login to your account and mark product received. This will complete the order and release funds to the vendor. If you encounter an error or any problems with receiving an order please reach out to our 24/7 support.


BitStash is an affordable and transparent marketplace

You can buy unlimited products per month for FREE!
Plus there is no deposit or transaction fees when buying products.
Market Fees
Transaction Fees
How it Works

All payments are processed with the STASH Token an ERC20 Token on the Ethereum Blockchain. BitStash utilizes our built in Smart Contract Escrow System that allows buyers and sellers to securely transact together.


Below are some commonly asked questions about buying on BitStash

What is the Exchange Rate for STASH?

The exchange rate for BitStash (STASH) is set by various exchanges. Our system aggregates the average exchange price to use as the displayed price. This keeps the price consistent with that of exchanges STASH is listed on and prevents manipulation of prices.

What Happens to Un-Shipped Orders on BitStash?

For any reason an order remains un-shipped for more than 7 business days, the order will be cancelled and any STASH used to checkout will be returned to your account.

What Cryptocurrencies are Accepted on BitStash?

The only Cryptocurrencies accepted on the BitStash Marketplace are STASH Tokens. STASH can be acquired from various exchanges online and then be used to complete checkout. STASH is the only form of payment used on the BitStash Marketplace.

This is necessary to properly conduct our secure escrow services efficiently. In the future we may entertain the idea or test other crypto’s on the platform.

How Does BitStash not Charge Tax?

The BitStash Marketplace does not charge any duty or taxes on any sales conducted on the network. When exchanging between users or members in the form of STASH Tokens you are not using any state or government issued currency. Instead you are using the BitStash Marketplace cryptocurrency known as STASH Tokens. These tokens are issued by BitStash and controlled by the holders.

How Do I Create a Meta Mask Wallet?

Creating a Meta Mask Wallet is the fastest and easiest way to complete a transaction on the BitStash Marketplace. Simply visit the following link to install Meta Mask within your Chrome, Brave, or Firefox Browser.

What Exchanges Can I Buy BitStash (STASH) From?

Currently you can trade and exchange the STASH Token on various exchanges. Our team recommends using either IDEX Decentralized Exchange, EtherFlyer, or ForkDelta to acquire STASH. View a full list of available exchanges where you can purchase STASH Tokens. More Exchange Listings will be made available soon, our team is consistently working and partnering with various cryptocurrency exchanges.

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