Become an Affiliate on the BitStash Marketplace and start earning Cryptocurrency for referrals!


Join thousands of other affiliates on the BitStash Marketplace today and earn crypto when someone buys a product. Earn from your referrals and network for LIFE. Start by building your network today and start earning cryptocurrency!

Earn Cryptocurrency

Lifetime Referrals

With lifetime referrals, you will also earn on all the future purchases made by the customer referred.
Earn Cryptocurrency

Team Building

Start building a team, you can earn from your referrals. By building a team you can start earning more & help others.
Earn Cryptocurrency

24/7 Affiliate Support

We offer 24/7 customer service via the BitStash Discord community. Admins can assist you there further.


Start Earning on the BitStash Marketplace in 4 Simple Steps

Earn Cryptocurrency

Signup & Become an Affiliate

First you will want to either signup or register as an Affiliate on the BitStash Marketplace to be eligible for earning cryptocurrency. Upon signing up or creating a new account on the BitStash Marketplace you will be able to select "become an affiliate" from your account dashboard.
Earn Cryptocurrency

Share your Unique Link

After logging into your account as an affiliate you will be presented with your affiliate dashboard. Here you can find your unique links for sharing with friends, family, or fans. There are banners and other marketing material you can use while promoting the marketplace.
Earn Cryptocurrency

Someone Orders a Product with your Link

After someone has ordered ANYTHING on the BitStash Marketplace with your unique generated link, your account will show a pending credit. You do not need to prepare shipment, or other mundane tasks. Just like that you can start earning Cryptocurrency when someone orders a product. (Plus if they order again, with LIFETIME referrals you will also earn on all future purchases from this customer).
Earn Cryptocurrency

Earn Cryptocurrency based on the Order Total

After the order has been marked as received, delivered, and completed. You will see the avaliable cryptocurrency balance in your affiliate dashboard. This balance will need to reach at least $50 USD before you can request a withdraw. Be sure to set your Ethereum ERC20 address within the payment options to ensure payment is received. You can then exchange STASH for any cryptocurrency, purchase items, or hold the tokens for potential long term growth.


Earn Cryptocurrency with the BitStash Marketplace

Below are the different levels and rates for earning as an affiliate.
You also can earn a small fixed percent of your teams referrals.
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Level requirements to earn more as an affiliate:

  • Level 1 (Entry Level, no requirement)
  • Level 2 (requires 100 referrals)
  • Level 3 (requires 200 referrals)
  • Level 4 (requires 500 referrals)
Earn Cryptocurrency

All payments are processed with the STASH Token an ERC20 Token on the Ethereum Blockchain. BitStash utilizes our built in Smart Contract Escrow System that allows buyers and sellers to securely transact together.

Looking for more information? Send an email to to learn more about the BitStash Marketplace Affiliate Program. Want to sell products on the BitStash Marketplace? Become a Vendor today.


Below are Frequently Asked Questions about Earning on the Marketplace:

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital money, which is based on the technology of cryptography, that is, data encryption. It has no physical appearance, but exists only in electronic form. Its main features are anonymity, decentralization and security.

How to Create an Ethereum or Crypto Wallet?

Creating an Ethereum or Cryptocurrency wallet is extremely simple. You can install the wallet on your mobile phone or desktop browser to send and receive payments. The recommended wallets are Meta Mask and Trust Wallet for interacting on the BitStash Marketplace.

What is STASH?

The BitStash currency known as STASH is used for conducting transactions, completing payment, and used as a means of commerce. Facilitating transactions in multiple industries STASH is used as an additional form of payment that is trustless, permissionless, cashless, and decentralized.

Can I convert STASH to another Cryptocurrency?

Yes. You can easily convert your STASH into any Cryptocurrency. Simply view the available Exchanges that BitStash (STASH) is listed on via CoinMarketCap or on BitStash.

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