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Join the BitStash Marketplace as a Vendor and start selling more products! You can list unlimited products and have access to over 11k daily shoppers!


Join a Marketplace that revolves around Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. As time progresses more features will be included as we grow to become the number 1 place for buying or selling products with cryptocurrency.

Become a Vendor

Lower Fees

Save money with lower fees on the BitStash Marketplace. We cut cost so you can boost product quality & sales.
Become a Vendor

Powerful Dashboard

Easily create product listings within the Vendor Dashboard. Plus view reports, analytics, and more features.
Become a Vendor

24/7 Seller Support

We offer 24/7 customer service via the BitStash Marketplace Telegram community. Admins can assist you further.


Easily start selling on the BitStash Marketplace in only 4 quick steps

Become a Vendor

Create Product Listings

After you have been Approved to sell & completed your Vendor Profile. You will be able to list your first product! It is extremely simply to create a product listing on the BitStash Marketplace.
Become a Vendor

Receive New Paid Orders

After you have an active product listing on the BitStash Marketplace; keep an eye out for new orders coming in. It is important that you read the status properly. Any orders on hold have not completed payment. Only keep record of PAID Orders within your Vendor Dashboard.
Become a Vendor

Pack & Ship Paid Orders

After you have received a PAID Order notification within your Vendor Dashboard it is now time to prepare shipment. It is required that every shipment is sent with a tracking number. This is used to verify delivery and also to inform the purchaser their order is on the way. The tracking number is also used in case any issues arise along the way.
Become a Vendor

Get Paid For Completed Orders

After the order has been marked as received and delivered. You will receive an email notification about an incoming payout to your supplied Ethereum ERC-20 Wallet. You can then exchange ETH, STASH, or ERC-20 tokens on different markets, purchase items, or hold the tokens for potential long term growth.


BitStash is an affordable and transparent marketplace

You can list unlimited products for FREE!
Plus you only pay a final value fee if your item or product sells.
Listing Fees
Final Value Fee

Why does BitStash charge a final value fee:

  • Necessary to keep platform up and running worldwide 24/7
  • Seller protection and customer support to help you sell more
Become a Vendor

All payments are processed on the Ethereum Blockchain. BitStash utilizes our built in Smart Contract Escrow System that allows buyers and sellers to securely transact together.

Have a special request? Send an email to to learn more.


Below are some commonly asked questions about selling on BitStash

How do fees work on BitStash?

Fees are deducted from the final purchase price. It is important to note that shipping charges are excluded from the final purchase price. You will not be charged for any shipping collected from any order. (Digital Items & Content Excluded).

Vendor Fees are automatically taken out upon escrow withdraw. The system automatically deducts the appropriate amount for each order. More information regarding vendor fees and how fees are calculated can be found on our terms page.

How to create a Vendor Shop on BitStash?

In order to create a Vendor Shop on the BitStash Marketplace you will first need to register as a vendor. Upon completing registration your will be able to customize your profile and vendor page.

Plus you can instantly starting listing products and potentially sell products right away!

What is the Payout Process?

Getting paid on the BitStash Marketplace is super easy! Once you have inputted the order shipment tracking information and delivery has been confirmed with the purchaser you will be disbursed the amount paid in STASH Tokens after 7 business days.

Do I need an Ethereum Wallet to Create a Shop?

Yes. You will need to have an ERC-20 Compatible wallet. We recommend Meta Mask for buying and selling products on the BitStash Marketplace. The BitStash Marketplace is connected with Meta Mask for easy payment for products, goods, and services.

Once you have created an Ethereum wallet or already have access to an Ethereum address (NON Exchange Wallet) simply enter your withdraw address within the payout settings area.

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